Shopping Local

When it comes to shopping nowadays, every store is trying to stay on trend with what everyone is wanting to wear and personally, it’s almost becoming too much to handle! Variety and options are great, but too many are a headache. Nowadays when you go shopping at the mall, it seems that every store is carrying the same styles with little options for keeping you unique to yourself! Shopping in local environments can definitely help anyone achieve that. Deciding where to shop and eat in a more local setting, creates a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs that decided to take a chance and create a place that is as unique as the cities we each live in. What’s more exciting is seeing how different each business can take their taste and transform it to fit who they are, but also help you create and build onto the person you are! Every day that I wake up to pick out my outfit, I want it to reflect the person I am that day. I have mornings that I’m feeling a little boho and want to wear distressed denim rompers, other days I want to wear a sophisticated romper with preppy details with a statement necklace and pearls, and some days I even want to wear a cozy top, shorts,  and a flannel around my waist with a baseball cap! Seeing all the different styles come through Bluetique keeps my eyes wide open on the different styles and tastes that I love and even grow to love to create looks and styles that make me, me.