Mix ‘n Match

Are you sick of the same ol’, same ol’? Are you the kind of girl that needs a little variety in her life? We know your type- you’ll try a new coffee every week, you can pull off studs and leather in one outfit and the next wear lace and floral, and one day you’re on Netflix five seasons deep in The Office and the next day you’re rewatching Gossip Girl for the 3rd time. If this sounds like you, you’re probably going to love what we just got in our stores. Our brand new sets are the perfect items to mix and match!

Take our brand new bandana-inspired set for example. When you wear both pieces together, you get an adorable boho-chic look.

Or you can pair the bottoms with a clay or rust colored top (super trendy color for the late summer) for a casual daytime look. Our girl Marissa is rocking this look!

For a fresh look, try pairing the top with a white skirt, white pants, or some white shorts like I did here- perfect for the summer!