Fall Trend Alert: Ponchos

We’re here to bring you the cutest, trendiest clothes and this fall ponchos are all the rave! Take a look at how two of our Brand Ambassadors, Courtney and Emily wore theirs!

For ponchos, boots, scarves, and all your other Fall necessities, visit your nearest Bluetique store or shop at ShopBluetique.com!

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Treat Yourself!

Happy (late) Labor Day everyone! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend and taking a break from classes. Speaking of taking a break- you deserve to treat yourself tonight with a spa night! Here at Bluetique we’ve got you covered with more than just the seasons hottest clothing styles, we have bath bombs, loofahs, essential oils, candles, and so much more to ensure you’re fully equipped for an evening of relaxation.

Use our essential oils and bath bombs for the ultimate aromatherapy. The oils come in a set of 6 and bath bombs come in a set of 3, so you’re sure to be fully stocked for awhile!

Got puffy bags under your eyes? Pop this eye mask in the fridge and then place over your eyes while you’re soaking in the bubble bath- perfect multitasking!

If your skin is in need of some major TLC, we have face masks for every skin problem! There is extra serum in the packaging, so take advantage of it and rub it on your legs, neck, or chest to get your money’s worth!

And did I mention affordable? Everything I just mentioned is under $20. Call your Bluetique store ahead of time to check availability (these goodies sell quick) or stop in to see them for yourself!



Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? If not, we’re here to teach you. Simply put, a capsule wardrobe is a complete collection of staple items that will never go out of style. A capsule wardrobe makes it easier to put outfits together, and you can buy additional trendy items to jazz it up more. We’ve made a list of items you’ll want to include in yours!

A Basic Sweater-sweaters are great for every season. Even in the summer, a sweater is great to have for those chilly nights.

Neutral Camis- Camis are a huge staple in my wardrobe! The ones we carry are seamless and so soft!

A good rain jacket– get one in a bold color to add some color to a gloomy day!

Classic Earrings– It’s great to have one or two classic pairs of earrings to add a more dressy look to any outfit.

An Olive Top– Olive can pass as a neutral, so you’d be surprised at how many different colors you can pair it with!

A White Tee– I think this one is self-explanatory. You’ll get so much use out of it!

Jeans– If you have one pair with rips in them and one pair without rips you will be set! Buying a nicer pair that will last you a long time is more cost efficient than always having to buy a new pair each season.

Maxi Dress– Its always nice to have a basic black maxi dress in your closet for last minute occasions that require nicer attire. You’ll look fabulous without even trying!





Summer is finally in full effect! Are you as ready for pool days, snow cones, bonfires, and sleeping in ‘til noon like we are? Or maybe you’re a #GirlBoss who’s ready to get to work and make money this summer! And who could forget the fun fashion trends that summer brings as well! We love providing you with the trendiest, cutest items, and we just stocked up on some new arrivals that were inspired by celebrities themselves.

One of our favorite VS Angels, Romee Strijd, pulls off a trendy denim dress so effortlessly. To get her look for less, check out our adorable Tied Down In Denim dress, only $48! As Elvis Presley once sang, “look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel”!


Shay Michelle was ahead of the trends last summer when she wore this striped romper. Get the same look for less by wearing our $54 Off To Sea romper to your next summer gathering!



And who can forget about floral during the summer months? Lea Michele was spotted looking darling in a baby pink floral dress last month at the Music Choice studios. Steal her look with our light pink cold shoulder floral dress, perfect for those days when you want to channel your inner Rachel Berry for only $46.


Just like we keep up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian is definitely keeping up with the trends this season. While juggling the busy life of being a mother and having a career, she managed to look fabulous in this white romper with small pops of color. It is similar to our Picture Perfect Romper, just $48 and will make you look every bit as picture perfect as Kourtney does!




Here Comes the Bride…

Wedding season has arrived and whether you’re the lucky bride, celebrating life long friends, or even a date to a weddings, we know you’re going to need help in finding the perfect dress!

For our lovely ladies in white, we have a few options throughout our stores and online that are perfect for showers, rehearsals or even your Bachelorette Night Out! A sassy combination of form fitting to sweet and flowy styles that we know any bride would love!

For the ladies attending, we have some gorgeous pops of pinks, dramatic reds, and daring little black dress that are perfect for any Summer wedding, no matter the location. Walk in feeling fun and fresh in these sweet pastels and hot pinks, ready to celebrate the occasion.

Make sure to always tag @heybluetique #shopbluetique on your Instagram for us to repost how fabulous you look!


1.) http://shopbluetique.com/in-lace-of-emergency-dress.html
8.) http://shopbluetique.com/cherry-pie-red-lace-dress.html

Graduation – Class of 2017

All Dressed in White

Candice Shelton

April 18, 2017

Whether or not you want it to be ladies, graduation is just around the corner (literally)! Are you still looking for that perfect graduation dress to wear to your ceremony? Or maybe a cute outfit to wear out to dinner or to a grad party afterwards? Well look no further; Bluetique has got you covered for all of your graduation weekend needs.

  1. http://shopbluetique.com/cutting-it-close-ivory-dress.html -$38
  2. http://shopbluetique.com/shine-bright-white-lace-dress.html – $48
  3. http://shopbluetique.com/thread-lightly-lace-dress.html -$54
  4. http://shopbluetique.com/walking-in-a-meadow-ivory-romper.html  -$54
  5. http://shopbluetique.com/lace-is-better-blush-dress.html – $56

Easter Weekend

  Easter weekend is coming up in just a few short days (literally!) and we know that most of you… still haven’t snagged an Easter dress! Which means that Friday and Saturday you’re going to try racing around town looking for a cute new dress that makes you feel all sweet and spring-like. With new shipment coming in stores every day, Bluetique has tons of options that fit every girl’s personality and we can help you find a dress that you’ll want to wear again and again! We are currently obsessing over ways to wear our favorite stylish trends, while making grandma happy. Online and in-stores, you’ll find a fun selection of sleeved, off the shoulder, and those in between dresses with soft pastels or bold prints to show off your own style. As you’re making those Instagram posts, make sure to tag your local Bluetique’s personal Instagram! We love seeing happy customers feeling and looking their best. We hope each of our Bluetique Babes has a wonderful weekend of sunshine, family, and even sweet treats. 

  1. https://shopbluetique.com/welcome-to-paradise-shift-dress.html
  2. https://shopbluetique.com/spring-is-here-blush-dress.html
  3. https://shopbluetique.com/got-the-blues-patterned-shift-dress.html
  4. https://shopbluetique.com/turquoise-stone-dress.html
  5. https://shopbluetique.com/wedding-bells-white-shift-dress.html

xx, Kelsey


Sunny Days Ahead

The sunshine keeps peeking in and out throughout the last few weeks and one thing we are sure of is we can’t wait for it to stay! We are trending shorts with light-weight sweaters for the sunnier days and light denim paired with our favorite cold-shoulder tops. The spurts of warmer weather even have us in the mood for dresses and rompers that can easily be paired with light-weight cardigans for the chillier mornings but warmer afternoons.

  1. https://shopbluetique.com/forever-and-always-black-off-the-shoulder-top.html
  2. https://shopbluetique.com/blue-skies-ruffle-top.html
  3. https://shopbluetique.com/spring-forward-floral-off-the-shoulder-top.html
  4. https://shopbluetique.com/classy-with-a-little-bit-of-sassy-white-top.html
  5. https://shopbluetique.com/she-s-lucky-taupe-cardigan.html
  6. https://shopbluetique.com/check-mate-patterned-romper.html

Obsessed With Florals

It would appear the groundhog was wrong about that whole six more weeks of winter thing because spring has definitely already sprung. But hey, we aren’t complaining! Bring on the spring fashion and all the floral patterns that come along with it!

  1. http://shopbluetique.com/see-you-soon-magenta-patterned-romper.html $48
  2. http://shopbluetique.com/summer-vacation-cold-shoulder-top.html $44
  3. http://shopbluetique.com/just.html $46
  4. http://shopbluetique.com/walking-in-a-meadow-denim-romper.html $54
  5. http://shopbluetique.com/peaches-please-button-skirt.html $36
  6. http://shopbluetique.com/victoria-grey-floral-cold-shoulder-dress.html $36

By: Candice Shelton – Harrisonburg Store Manager