Best Idea !

My friend Shelby and I constantly talk about how much we are in love with director Nancy Meyers. I mean her movies are fantastic, and the characters she creates are so relateable. I’m pretty sure in every film I’ve seen of hers I’ve thought to myself, ‘that’s so my life right now’ (hello, The Holiday). Our mutual dream is to live in one of the houses in a Nancy Meyers film, for example, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated and Father of the Bride. Also, may I just comment on that line-up of movies she has directed? Amazing. I can truly say that most of those mentioned, are true favorites of mine. I just watched Something’s Gotta Give Wednesday night, any Nancy Meyers film is always a go to. My main point of this blog post is: I recently started following Meyers on Instagram and saw the picture below.

Nancy Meyers

Adorable, right? I really hope they’re listening to French Music, too.

I’m pretty sure Shelby or myself will be stealing this idea in the near future.

Have you seen the preview for Meyers newest film, The Intern? It comes out today…I’m sure you can guess, I’ll be seeing it very soon.

What’s your favorite Nancy Meyers film?

Oh, you can read a cuter interview with Meyers here.

Garden State

Have you ever seen the film Garden State? I know that this is a totally random post (#TBT)…let me give you a little insight to it.

I was in a rush this morning on my way to work (shocker!), I saw a man on a motorcycle with a sidecar on it…I’ve never seen that in real life. Then as I turned the corner, New Slang by the Shins (this song! <3) came on and it was weird. Mainly because I’d just seen the motorcycle with the sidecar and that song came on at the same time. Immediately and naturally, my mind went straight to the movie Garden State.

Case and Point:


When I first saw this film, I instantly fell in love and it became a favorite among my friends.

Natalie Portman, Zach Braff and Peter Sarsgaard.


Bonus: The soundtrack is totally rad, too.

Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.


Oh and,

‘good luck exploring the infinite abyss.’

About Time

Do you love romantic comedies ? I hope you answered yes, because if you didn’t…I’m not sure we can be friends :/

I know I have written many cheesy posts about rom-coms in the past, like one about Love Actually or Midnight in Paris and I’m not going to stop. Sorry. I love this feeling I get when I catch myself smiling like a fool at the tv (I’m looking at you too, Marge!)…it makes me feel like an idiot and I just love it. I just can’t help it. So let’s talk about it…have you seen About Time?  I must say, when I originally saw the preview it didn’t quite catch my eye. However, enter one boring sunday. You know the one. The one where you can’t seem to find anything you want to watch but settle on something just to make the time pass. And let’s be honest, look at your phone for half of the film. That’s what happened to me when I had the pleasure of watching this lovely movie. It takes place in London (sigh!!) and people speak in British accents (bonus!) and the lovely Rachel McAdams is in it…that’s a trifecta right there. The story is about a lovely couple who find each other in the weirdest scenario and yup, you guessed it, fall in love.

And the best part, it will make you think more about how you decide to use your time. Give it a go.

The Age of Adaline

Can I get a show of hands from everyone who is in love with Blake Lively? That’s what I thought, everybody. Have you all seen the trailer for her new film The Age of Adaline? Lively looks beautiful in ever scene depicted throughout the preview…shocking, I know. It comes out this Friday, will you go see it? If it rains Sunday, I think that’s my plan. Watch below and see for yourself.

Her co-star is pretty cute, too. Bonus!!

The Mean Reds (Also known as Monday)

Oh Monday, you always roll around too quickly. The first thought I had this morning was: Holly Golightly. I think it had something to do with the rain and the temperature this time of year, I always picture myself strolling down fifth avenue. Upon this thought, I decided to channel her throughout the day..if the rain or my purring cat didn’t define Miss. Golightly well enough, I figured that Moon River on repeat at my desk would suffice. So here you are ladies…this is the feeling of Monday’s as told by Audrey Hepburn herself.
(Please press play and listen as you read the post)
6:30 AM Wake up Call…snooze button, please.
Then Suddenly, your phone rings..
And you automatically feel like Fay McKenzie at Holly’s party (Please..can we start the weekend over?)
So you stumble to the bathroom..
Followed by a cup of coffee with your Fred-baby
Then it’s off to work..Fred/Paul insists that you go
Just go with’re out the door now.
Still primping as you arrive
But really…this is how you’re feeling
Oh well, you might as well make the most of it
You dream of your daybed all day..and maybe even Paul/Fred-baby
(all while getting your work done…kind of)
Suddenly..the clock strikes five!
And before you know it, you’re home with Mr. Varjak and cat.
hope your Monday flies by!

Favorite Things

The Oscar’s. What a lovely way to spend your sunday night. There was so much going on and I loved it. I have to say, that Lady Gaga stole the show for me. In case you didn’t know, The Sound of Music is celebrating it’s fiftieth anniversary this year and it’s songs were honored last night. Watch below…you’ll die.

After she was finished singing (which brought me to tears, btw) Julie Andrews herself came out and hugged lady gaga. #Swoon. It was a magical moment for lovers of everything von Trapp. What was your favorite part of the Oscar’s? Let me know in the comments below!

Single on Valentine’s Day? Not to Worry.


How girls feel when they have a date on Valentine’s day. Simply yar.


How girls feel when they don’t have a date…


and when you realize it’s on Saturday night…


but then you remember there’s always wine


And suddenly you’re dancing! All is right in the world again.

Happy Valentine’s day to all the single ladies in the place. Watch The Philadelphia Story and you’ll be fine (Bonus: Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant are in it! #Winning). Oh yeah, drink some wine too.


Looks heavenly, huh?

*Images from Tumblr