Parents and Computers

I┬áthink we all know the question too well…’honey, how do I send an email?’ Your most common reaction to your mom or dad asking you this question, is to run. You’d rather you just do it for them than teach them how. But why is this? Are we so used to moving so quickly with technology that we cannot pause to help others learn? I’m lucky in the fact that my parents can do the basics on their iPhone’s and computer. They get it…kinda. The day my mother learned how to text/email was the best day of my life. I was in constant contact with my bestie (hay mom!) throughout the day. Our morning conversations usually end with her telling me to ’email her something interesting’ or ‘text me!’ I love it. However, there was a time when I taught her how to do this and luckily, she caught on quickly (way to go, Leigh!). But what about you? Are your parents constantly asking you for help with emails, text and navigating the internets? I know, it can be so hard, and Amy Schumer gets that. I think that the video below accurately depicts every millennial’s emotion when it comes to the question of ‘hey, can you help me with this?’

See. She gets it.