Best Idea !

My friend Shelby and I constantly talk about how much we are in love with director Nancy Meyers. I mean her movies are fantastic, and the characters she creates are so relateable. I’m pretty sure in every film I’ve seen of hers I’ve thought to myself, ‘that’s so my life right now’ (hello, The Holiday). Our mutual dream is to live in one of the houses in a Nancy Meyers film, for example, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated and Father of the Bride. Also, may I just comment on that line-up of movies she has directed? Amazing. I can truly say that most of those mentioned, are true favorites of mine. I just watched Something’s Gotta Give Wednesday night, any Nancy Meyers film is always a go to. My main point of this blog post is: I recently started following Meyers on Instagram and saw the picture below.

Nancy Meyers

Adorable, right? I really hope they’re listening to French Music, too.

I’m pretty sure Shelby or myself will be stealing this idea in the near future.

Have you seen the preview for Meyers newest film, The Intern? It comes out today…I’m sure you can guess, I’ll be seeing it very soon.

What’s your favorite Nancy Meyers film?

Oh, you can read a cuter interview with Meyers here.

Offline Dating

A friend of mine sent me this little tidbit on dating…and meeting someone in person rather than through various portals of the internet.

Watch it below…I quite like it.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to do this sort of thing…it is crazy to me, that this is such a crazy way to ask someone out on a proper date.

Around The Interwebs


Happy friday, everyone! I cannot believe it’s finally here. Do you all have any big plans this weekend? I plan on keeping it casual and staying out of the heat with some friends coming over to cook dinner. Here are a few things I’ve seen around the magical interwebs this week, I thought I’d share them with you…I hope you enjoy them.

Clueless dictionary.

A new idea for subway sounds…looks wonderful to me and so neat!

Last minute ideas for dad…remember Father’s Day is Sunday

A video celebration filled with congratulations and love for Cara Delevigne’s first solo Vouge cover

Going away this weekend? Here’s a reminder on how and what you should pack from the lovely Leandra

This video made us laugh…cats are crazy

Could you date Leonardo DiCaprio…unfortunately, my answer was no. Take the quiz here

and finally…a reminder:


Men and Coffee

Men and coffee might just be the best duo ever. I came across this instagram the other day and just about died. I immediately tagged my coffee drinking bff and we were just dying over all of these images. They’re the best. I showed this account to my office girls today and they were instantly texting their boyfriends for selfies with coffee. I loved it. So if you’re into men and coffee…I suggest you give this account a follow!

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See…I told you you’d love it!


Have a great Thursday…filled with coffee and men!

<3 the bluetique girls

*All images from Men and Coffee

Shake It Off

This basically sums up my emotions towards the upcoming weekend.

They nailed that one…I really wish I could have witnessed the Crystal Light Aerobic show in person.

Shake it off and happy fri-yay!!

It’s Coming: GIRLS

I’m sure you all cannot wait for the new season of GIRLS to premiere…it seems like it’s been forever and that makes me sad. But be sad no longer, there is a new preview of season four! It looks wonderful as always. I can’t wait to watch Marnie sing even more embarrassing songs…mainly because it made my life when this happened.  Watch the preview below.

Aren’t you excited?? OMG, me too!

Merry & Bright

“I don’t care what your mama say’s, Christmas time is near,” are lyrics that keeping popping into my head. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, the fact that it’s November or that in 5 short weeks it will be December (what?!)! I’m just super pumped to hang out with family and dear friends and reflecting on the past year. I’ve had this SNL song stuck in my head for weeks now, and since October is over…I feel ok about sharing it with you. I hope it makes your Monday a little better and brighter. It’s a catchy jingle after-all.

I really wish I could dance with them…maybe the bluetique girls will recreate it for you! Stay tuned : )

If you’re already feeling the holiday spirit …check out this guide to holiday lights in London…it’s marvelous!


Method: Clean Happy

In the early morning before I come to work, I get up, make my coffee, read my email and surf the magical interwebs. While surfing today, I came across this cute little living-room redo by Method, you know, the soap line that you see in Target. The blog Oh Happy Day  is one of my favorites, especially if you like to DIY. Jordan and her family even lived in Paris for a couple of years…le sigh. Anyway..enough about Paris. I just adored the room makeover…it was simple and affordable, the two best things.






Don’t you just love what they did to this space? I think it was just the right amount of oomph ! I love how they kept it all white and just added pops of color and all of those plants. Most of their shopping was done at thrift stores around San Francisco and a few from Craig’s List and Ikea. Do you like the redo? What would you have done differently? I love that this was created by fits their brand nicely.

This blog post had me over on Method’s  website..which by the way, they have everything you’d ever need when it comes to cleaning supplies. Plus there is a bonus, their designs are modern and fun. They had this cute little video: Clean Happy on their site..check it out below.

Isn’t that cute…it would be even cuter if you could have a baby, that house and keep it that clean!!

Happy almost Friday!

*All pictures from Oh Happy Day