Did you all watch SNL this past weekend? If not, I’ll fill you in with the video below…Adele unites us all. Hopefully this little trick will work when your family gets a little out of hand this Thursday!

Hilarious right? It’s so true. Everyone loves Adele and I think we can all agree with this:


It’s Coming: GIRLS

I’m sure you all cannot wait for the new season of GIRLS to premiere…it seems like it’s been forever and that makes me sad. But be sad no longer, there is a new preview of season four! It looks wonderful as always. I can’t wait to watch Marnie sing even more embarrassing songs…mainly because it made my life when this happened.  Watch the preview below.

Aren’t you excited?? OMG, me too!

Jenna Lyons and The Man Repeller

Leandra Medine is to fashion what Fleming is to penicillin, absolutely necessary. If you’re not reading The Man Repeller more than once a day, we’re going to have a huge problem. You and I that is. This fashionable blog is where you go during the workday to decompress for five minutes and read articles that are associated with your everyday life. I’m telling you, they are constantly making me LOL, so if you’re into laughing it’s a win-win. There’s tons of insight into fashion, trendy diets (so funny!) and more. They keep it real over there and I like it. “A humorous blog for serious fashion” is indeed what it is. I suggest you make it apart of your mornings, noons and nights, as they update throughout the day. You should probably be following them on insta while you’re at it. Below you’ll find a video of their new series “The Chatroom,” first up is the wonderful Jenna Lyons…take a peek below and head on over to manrepeller.com !

How could you not adore, Leandra? She’s the best !

Ice Bucket Challenge

A few of us got “challenged” over the weekend to help raise awareness for ALS. I’m sure you’ve seen the ice bucket videos all over Instagram and facebook…this is such a fun way to help spread the word about ALS and it really does get everyone involved. It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. We nominated all of our store managers and store owner, giving them 24 hours to complete their task…let’s see if they can do it!

So tell me, have you done the challenge? Would ya do it?

Around the Interwebs

Happy Friday, y’all !


Have a fabulous weekend, everyone. What are you up to this Saturday and Sunday? Looks like all of us here are heading to the lake to soak up the end of summer. Can you believe school has started…time really does fly. Here are some fun links from around the web..hopefully you’ll enjoy them!

Really wanting this necklace from Bluetique.

Do you always ask yourself questions after a first date?

I could see this on my desk.

Fun hostess gift for the gal who has everything.

A meow mix video for cat lovers..kinda crazy.

A must have for anyone from Kentucky…I think I should order this…

A cute Q&A from a pretty rad florist.

For people feeling left out for not living in Brooklyn.

Have a good one, y’all!