The Selby

Interior design. It’s an important part of our lives, it tells outsiders the story of who we are and gives insight into the day to day ritual of life. I could search through millions of blogs and websites daily, to peek into other’s homes, getting new ideas, or to daydream about making a space feel that way in my own home. Every nook and cranny of one’s home should be the way they want it. Comfortable and appealing is the style I always strive for. I want people to feel that they can relax and unwind in my living room, to be completely comfortable while enjoying their surrounding. That’s why I about died when I came across The Selby. A blog created by Todd Selby, his love for interior design and the people who inspire him with their surroundings. Selby shoots apartments and homes around the world, it’s a definitely a place you can get lost in and find tons of inspiration. I came across one specific apartment that belongs to Rita Konig  and I immediately adored it. It was comfy, pretty and extra homey. I think you’ll love it too, see for yourself.

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Don’t you just love the fresh flowers everywhere? A home should have fresh flowers in every room.

I feel like Elizabeth Bennet should be sleeping in that bedroom, too. I could dream about Mr. Darcy in there, too. : )

Do you fancy this apartment…let me know in the comments below!

Method: Clean Happy

In the early morning before I come to work, I get up, make my coffee, read my email and surf the magical interwebs. While surfing today, I came across this cute little living-room redo by Method, you know, the soap line that you see in Target. The blog Oh Happy Day  is one of my favorites, especially if you like to DIY. Jordan and her family even lived in Paris for a couple of years…le sigh. Anyway..enough about Paris. I just adored the room makeover…it was simple and affordable, the two best things.






Don’t you just love what they did to this space? I think it was just the right amount of oomph ! I love how they kept it all white and just added pops of color and all of those plants. Most of their shopping was done at thrift stores around San Francisco and a few from Craig’s List and Ikea. Do you like the redo? What would you have done differently? I love that this was created by fits their brand nicely.

This blog post had me over on Method’s  website..which by the way, they have everything you’d ever need when it comes to cleaning supplies. Plus there is a bonus, their designs are modern and fun. They had this cute little video: Clean Happy on their site..check it out below.

Isn’t that cute…it would be even cuter if you could have a baby, that house and keep it that clean!!

Happy almost Friday!

*All pictures from Oh Happy Day 

Selling New York

“It only costs 2.5 million!” is a common and sarcastic quote of mine when browsing through my zillow app. As of recent I am literally obsessed with real estate. I am in no way “in the market” and probably won’t be for a while, but a girl can dream..right? It’s no news to you that I’m a little crazy-in-love with NYC and today I just decided to check out the real estate game, you know, for fun (or self decide). First I started looking at renting an apartment but let’s be honest, in a dream world, wouldn’t you rather own than rent? I know, owning is totally the way to go. Silly me. So I immediately switched it to the “for sale” tab and off to the West Village I went. It’s also semi-embarrassing how much time one can waste while looking at zillow…but I have dreams, ya know. Like I totally can afford the $8,900,000 *apartment* (not a house) in the near future. Again, in my dreams. Any-who I went through and picked some of my favorites and some crazy interiors of NYC apartments. If you’re into NYC, real estate or wasting time, head on over to and look at homes in your desired area for fun! I promise, it’s really interesting and only makes you dream more. And to think, what a fabulous reality it would be to make those dreams come true.

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I mean, I could probably cook/eat/sleep/chill/entertain in any of the pictures above. Somebody has to do it, right?

If you were to search for your dream home…where would it be?!


We’re all guilty of it…pinning those wonderful images of kitchens or living rooms on our “Dream House” pinterest board. But how many of us actually take the time to create these spaces within our own walls? I know I love a good DIY, but they always seem to fall short..especially if it has to do with furniture, etc. The one time I made a headboard for my first  college bedroom, I was ready to quit, much to my surprise, it turned out lovely and I even still use it to this day. It’s interesting to me how many different styles and tastes can be on one “Dream House” board, but what is even more interesting is how we interpret those different styles and to see what actually makes it into our homes. For example, I know what I like and what I want, it’s just putting it all together and making it aesthetically pleasing for everyone involved. I recently started following Homepolish on Instagram and I must say, I love their spaces…they are neat, clean and comfortable. Homepolish is a company that will help you with the little details or they’ll completely take over if you’d like to give them the reins. There are many designers to chose from and they all have the most wonderful reviews…I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. I personally could look at interior design for hours, so I’ve selected a few of my favorite Homepolish spaces to share with you below. I hope you enjoy them…do you like it/what would you do differently? Let us know in the comments below.

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Definitely check out their instagram for more home inspo!

*Images from their Pinterest….go follow them and make your “dream houses” look even better!