Fall Trend Alert: Ponchos

We’re here to bring you the cutest, trendiest clothes and this fall ponchos are all the rave! Take a look at how two of our Brand Ambassadors, Courtney and Emily wore theirs!

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Fall into Fall

Is everyone all settled back into school? All of us here at Bluetique are so excited to have all our babes back on campus! Now that you’ve gotten back into the swing of things, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your wardrobe into fall. This time of year the wether can be a little unpredictable. When you wake up for class in the morning, it can be chilly but by mid-afternoon you’re sweating.

Its a great idea to dress in layers-we all know that’s the way to go if you want to be able to ever-changing weather. Wear one of our soft cardigans or hoodies with some jeans in the morning, and a soft Piko tee shirt underneath for when it warms up after lunch.

Another great idea is to stock up on scarves! Scarves allow you to be toasty when it is chilly outside, but are easy to take off and throw in your bookbag/purse when it gets warmer. They also turn a basic look into a fall-ready outfit.

To go with your scarves, be sure to snag one of these hats! We carry several different colors and styles of them, so you’re sure to find one that will pair nicely with your fall outfit.



New York Fashion Week: Bluetique Edition

New York Fashion Week is always the place to catch up on the newest trends. Celebrity icons and fashionistas showed off their latest and most stylish items for this fall. A few things we picked up on were ruffles, floral, and off the shoulder tops.

Here is what we have to offer to go along with those NYFW trends:

  1. Black off the shoulder top
  2. Beige Floral Dress & Black Floral Dress
  3. Ruffle Back Dress



Click here for many more options to dress like the fashion icons at NYFW!