Loom Lovin’

Over the past year, I have become insanely obsessed with woven tapestry’s. They’re beautiful, delicate and oh so rad. I ordered my loom and it finally came this week. I feel like I ordered it forever ago, but it and my hand dyed yarn have finally arrived to my humble abode. Warping my loom was an experience…playing with all of that  yarn sure had Olive (my sweet kitty!) in a tizzy…it was hard to explain to her that that specific yarn was my toy, not her’s. The yarn I ordered is so beautiful, pretty pastel colors that will make any corner in my house seem cozy. I stayed up wayyy past my bedtime trying to get everything to look perfect. Needless to say, the final product should be completed within the next week or so, so stay tuned for pictures. In the meantime look at the photos below for some weavin’ inspiration…and maybe give it a try? You’ll be hooked, I promise.

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*All images from Maryanne Moodie & Going Home to Roost


The Art of Looking at Art

Museums house everything that I hold dear; creativity, innovation, the power of a movement and endless inspiration to all. When I visit museums, I like to observe how other patrons view the art. I look at their posture and facial expressions, it gives away everything they’re feeling towards a specific piece. What is also interesting are the “card readers.”  These are patrons you see with headphones on that are only looking for the description to the right or left of the piece. Here they’ll find the information about the artwork as well as the artist. I personally believe you should look at the description after viewing the art or not at all. You see, once you read these cards, it tells you how you should feel. You shouldn’t be told how to feel or how to look at a piece of art, you should only feel what you see after observing it for yourself. It doesn’t matter if the artist is Monet or Sisley, go with your gut. You have the last word. It’s hard to see the faces in the photographs below, but try to guess feeling with body language. Also, just look at the art, the size and the impact.

10stru_CA1ready  1374243_10201607466247350_339725552_n tumblr_l8b6w8TTtI1qcqmnfo1_1280 tumblr_lcmembugJP1qzvtm1o1_500 tumblr_lcmgjrZXeA1qf96u2o1_1280 tumblr_lf4lyzMnnl1qzt15co1_500 tumblr_mm5jasT7Io1qbge6eo2_1280 tumblr_mm5jasT7Io1qbge6eo3_1280 tumblr_mzbpa9BwBB1skp3luo1_1280 WiihaJRTRnka2x9rp9E3WQwYo1_1280

Don’t you love looking at these photographs…body language says it all. I challenge you: next time you go to a museum look at the people around you, try to guess how they feel towards a specific artwork. Then for yourself, judge a piece for you and you only. You’ll leave that museum so much more fulfilled.

Method: Clean Happy

In the early morning before I come to work, I get up, make my coffee, read my email and surf the magical interwebs. While surfing today, I came across this cute little living-room redo by Method, you know, the soap line that you see in Target. The blog Oh Happy Day  is one of my favorites, especially if you like to DIY. Jordan and her family even lived in Paris for a couple of years…le sigh. Anyway..enough about Paris. I just adored the room makeover…it was simple and affordable, the two best things.






Don’t you just love what they did to this space? I think it was just the right amount of oomph ! I love how they kept it all white and just added pops of color and all of those plants. Most of their shopping was done at thrift stores around San Francisco and a few from Craig’s List and Ikea. Do you like the redo? What would you have done differently? I love that this was created by Method..it fits their brand nicely.

This blog post had me over on Method’s  website..which by the way, they have everything you’d ever need when it comes to cleaning supplies. Plus there is a bonus, their designs are modern and fun. They had this cute little video: Clean Happy on their site..check it out below.

Isn’t that cute…it would be even cuter if you could have a baby, that house and keep it that clean!!

Happy almost Friday!

*All pictures from Oh Happy Day 


We’re all guilty of it…pinning those wonderful images of kitchens or living rooms on our “Dream House” pinterest board. But how many of us actually take the time to create these spaces within our own walls? I know I love a good DIY, but they always seem to fall short..especially if it has to do with furniture, etc. The one time I made a headboard for my first  college bedroom, I was ready to quit, much to my surprise, it turned out lovely and I even still use it to this day. It’s interesting to me how many different styles and tastes can be on one “Dream House” board, but what is even more interesting is how we interpret those different styles and to see what actually makes it into our homes. For example, I know what I like and what I want, it’s just putting it all together and making it aesthetically pleasing for everyone involved. I recently started following Homepolish on Instagram and I must say, I love their spaces…they are neat, clean and comfortable. Homepolish is a company that will help you with the little details or they’ll completely take over if you’d like to give them the reins. There are many designers to chose from and they all have the most wonderful reviews…I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. I personally could look at interior design for hours, so I’ve selected a few of my favorite Homepolish spaces to share with you below. I hope you enjoy them…do you like it/what would you do differently? Let us know in the comments below.

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Definitely check out their instagram for more home inspo!

*Images from their Pinterest….go follow them and make your “dream houses” look even better!


I’ve got another artist I’ve been crushing on recently. Her style is oh so chic, I can only imagine that she is fabulous. Enter: Inslee. A friend of mine gifted me one of her calendars and I instantly fell in love with the prints. Inslee has everything available on her website, from prints, stationary, nudes and custom artwork. If you’re into being an elegant lady, you’ll be down with her style. Check out some of my favorites below and see for yourself..her art is the perfect final touch you’ve been looking for and such a wonderful gift.

*Click on the images to purchase*

french_laundry_in_pink_grande OTS_INSLEE_grande

july-INSLEE_print_grande 53161a450292f8.49071740_grande

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The Rhythm in Rush

With a rainy and dreary commute under my belt this Monday morning, I’ve been exploring all parts of spotify as I write. When it is raining, I always channel the mood rain brings with the music I choose. Sometimes it’s sad and sometimes it’s mellow and calm. I range from iron & wine to andrew bird to the antlers and get deeper into the mix as the days go on…I love checking out the similar artists column in spotify. Sometimes I forget about music that I love if it’s been awhile since the last time I devoted myself to a particular artist. Today in particular, I made it to Jose Gonzalez. This was a major throwback, mainly because his voice took me back to college..his sweet songs keeping me up writing papers or taking early morning drives on a sunday. Today I found a song of his I’ve never heard: Stay Alive. It’s lovey and the lyrics, even better. Very true words, my friends.

If you like it, give this a go,too. You’ll love it.

Happy Monday, friends!

Ashley Longshore

Happy humpity hump day, errrbody! For today’s #WednespirationalWednesday I’ve chosen to put artist Ashley Longshore in the spotlight. I know I always post about art or fun-loving people to follow on insta (sorry, not sorry) but I just can’t help it, I want to spread, like, you know, the wealth. If you like a good laugh, you’ll like Ashley, it’s like, science. Longshore isn’t afraid to push the boundaries (that’s what art is for, right?) when it comes to her work and I LOVE that about her. I can’t tell you how many times one of the girls in the office is chuckling at her phone screen before another across the way yells the proverbial “What’s so funny?”…9 out of 10 times it’s something she’s posted on instagram. This southern gal will literally make you LOLZ (is that still a thing?!). But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself below. I’ve posted some of her art (I want ALL of it, btw) and some funny things she randomly posts on her instagram. I promise you, you’ll love her as much as we do. And I must say, home-girl’s got some pretty rad hashtags, too.

IMG_0984 IMG_0985

From her insta, told ya it was funny

She also has a series of Audrey’s…amazing

IMG_0990 IMG_0988 IMG_0992 IMG_0991 IMG_0997 IMG_0999

and other fun things

IMG_0998 IMG_0995

IMG_0996 IMG_0989

IMG_0987 IMG_0986

Here she is with her work, look at how big they are! Can we say: Statement piece or what?!

IMG_0994 IMG_0993

So tell me, do you love her, are you dying to own a piece of her work?

Don’t worry, so am I.


**All pictures taken from her instagram







From the Amalfi Coast to South America

Calling all Beach lovers! My morning ritual consists of reading emails, drinking coffee and scoping out the new boutiques on One Kings Lane. I must say, one boutique really caught my eye: Gray Malin. I’ve seen his art all over the internet and it’s always stuck out to me. Malin travels the world and captures beach scenes from above and it is ahhhmazing. I suggest you check out his shop and if you’re in the mood, drop some money on his art. I say go for it, why not?! Check out some of my favorites below.

Don’t you love these?!
I know, me too.