Easter Weekend

  Easter weekend is coming up in just a few short days (literally!) and we know that most of you… still haven’t snagged an Easter dress! Which means that Friday and Saturday you’re going to try racing around town looking for a cute new dress that makes you feel all sweet and spring-like. With new shipment coming in stores every day, Bluetique has tons of options that fit every girl’s personality and we can help you find a dress that you’ll want to wear again and again! We are currently obsessing over ways to wear our favorite stylish trends, while making grandma happy. Online and in-stores, you’ll find a fun selection of sleeved, off the shoulder, and those in between dresses with soft pastels or bold prints to show off your own style. As you’re making those Instagram posts, make sure to tag your local Bluetique’s personal Instagram! We love seeing happy customers feeling and looking their best. We hope each of our Bluetique Babes has a wonderful weekend of sunshine, family, and even sweet treats. 

  1. https://shopbluetique.com/welcome-to-paradise-shift-dress.html
  2. https://shopbluetique.com/spring-is-here-blush-dress.html
  3. https://shopbluetique.com/got-the-blues-patterned-shift-dress.html
  4. https://shopbluetique.com/turquoise-stone-dress.html
  5. https://shopbluetique.com/wedding-bells-white-shift-dress.html

xx, Kelsey



Not sure what to collect for your Spring/Summer wardrobe? Look no further than our selection of off-the-shoulder tops! So classy yet casual, you will stay cool and look flirty anywhere you go. Shop the link below or visit shopbluetique.com to check out the rest of our selection!!



We are loving this trendy tote bag these days! Made from durable canvas fabric, it is sure to last you through this sunny season and plenty to come! Dressed up for the day out, or dressed down for the beach, it’s perfect for whatever life throws at you this Spring. Don’t forget to add your customized monogram for that personalized touch 😉 Shop the links below for more!

xoxo, Jenni



Shopping Local

When it comes to shopping nowadays, every store is trying to stay on trend with what everyone is wanting to wear and personally, it’s almost becoming too much to handle! Variety and options are great, but too many are a headache. Nowadays when you go shopping at the mall, it seems that every store is carrying the same styles with little options for keeping you unique to yourself! Shopping in local environments can definitely help anyone achieve that. Deciding where to shop and eat in a more local setting, creates a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs that decided to take a chance and create a place that is as unique as the cities we each live in. What’s more exciting is seeing how different each business can take their taste and transform it to fit who they are, but also help you create and build onto the person you are! Every day that I wake up to pick out my outfit, I want it to reflect the person I am that day. I have mornings that I’m feeling a little boho and want to wear distressed denim rompers, other days I want to wear a sophisticated romper with preppy details with a statement necklace and pearls, and some days I even want to wear a cozy top, shorts,  and a flannel around my waist with a baseball cap! Seeing all the different styles come through Bluetique keeps my eyes wide open on the different styles and tastes that I love and even grow to love to create looks and styles that make me, me.

1.) http://shopbluetique.com/walking-in-a-meadow-denim-romper.html



2.) http://shopbluetique.com/stars-and-stripes-structured-romper.html



3.) http://shopbluetique.com/sooner-or-later-tie-dye-top.html



Spring Time Blues!

Well it’s officially Spring y’all! A timeless color we are loving for this season… blue!! From pale cerulean’s to deep navy’s, we’ve got you covered with your favorite tops, dresses and bottoms in super cute patterns. Check us out in stores this weekend or shop the links below on our website!





Find us in a Gray Daze

We are loving gray these days y’all! The perfect neutral to compliment any skin, hair tone, or temperature. Find a piece with cute ruffles and trending accents like a cold shoulder to help make a seemingly masculine color more femme! Shop the links below for our three favorites above!

Sunny Days Ahead

The sunshine keeps peeking in and out throughout the last few weeks and one thing we are sure of is we can’t wait for it to stay! We are trending shorts with light-weight sweaters for the sunnier days and light denim paired with our favorite cold-shoulder tops. The spurts of warmer weather even have us in the mood for dresses and rompers that can easily be paired with light-weight cardigans for the chillier mornings but warmer afternoons.

  1. https://shopbluetique.com/forever-and-always-black-off-the-shoulder-top.html
  2. https://shopbluetique.com/blue-skies-ruffle-top.html
  3. https://shopbluetique.com/spring-forward-floral-off-the-shoulder-top.html
  4. https://shopbluetique.com/classy-with-a-little-bit-of-sassy-white-top.html
  5. https://shopbluetique.com/she-s-lucky-taupe-cardigan.html
  6. https://shopbluetique.com/check-mate-patterned-romper.html

Three Looks You Should be Emulating on Your Spring Break!

It’s finally here ladies! Time to relax! Whether you will be sitting in paradise by day or hitting the city by night, we have looks for you. With off-the-shoulder accents, frayed denim, neutral silhouettes, and of course a pair of fresh sunnies you will be traveling in style! Shop the links below!
http://shopbluetique.com/navy-baby-tank-top.html http://shopbluetique.com/mellow-out-ivory-off-the-shoulder-top.html http://shopbluetique.com/lock-and-key-black-off-the-shoulder-top.html

Obsessed With Florals

It would appear the groundhog was wrong about that whole six more weeks of winter thing because spring has definitely already sprung. But hey, we aren’t complaining! Bring on the spring fashion and all the floral patterns that come along with it!

  1. http://shopbluetique.com/see-you-soon-magenta-patterned-romper.html $48
  2. http://shopbluetique.com/summer-vacation-cold-shoulder-top.html $44
  3. http://shopbluetique.com/just.html $46
  4. http://shopbluetique.com/walking-in-a-meadow-denim-romper.html $54
  5. http://shopbluetique.com/peaches-please-button-skirt.html $36
  6. http://shopbluetique.com/victoria-grey-floral-cold-shoulder-dress.html $36

By: Candice Shelton – Harrisonburg Store Manager




Stop It! We’re…

This shade is popping up everywhere, and with good timing too because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Shop items above:
(from left to right)

  1. Kourtney Nude Patterned Romper
  2. Brittany Rose Sunglasses
  3. Olivia Off-the-Shoulder Silky Romper
  4. Bree Cold Shoulder Silky Top (and shorts)
  5. Blush Pink Clutch
  6. Kelsey Mauve Silky Romper